NACIIL has members and supporters. NACIIL does not have a membership for students or PhD researchers. The board aims to allow motivated researchers or students to participate in NACIIL activities free of charge.

Five reasons to become a member of NACIIL

  • NACIIL offers an extensive and varied network of specialists, so there is ample opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience and best practices.

  • NACIIL organizes various member meetings and workshops each year with high-quality lectures on topical subjects, so that members can keep up to date with the subject matter and thus also obtain their training points.

  • NACIIL has a low contribution rate; there is a good price/quality ratio.

  • NACIIL has its own NACIIL LinkedIn group, so that members can ask each other questions, exchange information or report vacancies via a discussion forum.

  • NACIIL members may (jointly or not) make suggestions for organizing specific seminars or workshops.

Membership fees

The annual membership fee is set at €35. There is no discount if you become a member during the year. The membership fee is owed by the member. The member’s employer may of course pay the contribution on behalf of the member.

Benefactors (donors)

NACIIL also has benefactors. Benefactors support the activities of NACIIL. A benefactor pays € 25,- per year, and has the right to attend the general members meeting. Benefactors do not have the right to vote, but they do have the right to speak.

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